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A Message From The President:

To all that visit our website, I would like to extend a welcome.
The founding purpose of our organization, and the primary role we are engaged in, is to provide educational information to the public on life issues. As for the three main groups that will visit this site:

Supporters of the Pro-Life cause
We are proud of your principled stand on life and honoured that you have reached out to our site. Note that we believe all human life from conception to natural death is invaluable regardless of age, race, ability, sex or intellect, and worthy of cherishing and protecting. As such, in addition to what you find located on these web pages, if there is any additional information or services you require, we are at your disposal to work to provide you what you seek. Please reach out to us and whether it is supplemental research, Pro-Life apologetics, specific Pro-Life contacts, direct presentations or literature or reading materials, we’ll strive to get you what you need.

Individuals investigating life issues
We are glad you are exploring this critical topic and encourage you to learn more. All of us involved in Edmonton Pro-Life have previously been where you are. It is our hope you will do a detailed and critical search of both the information we provide and sites with the same view as ours, as well as sites that support abortion, euthanasia and other issues opposed to the sanctity of all life. Critically assess who seeks to provide the most detailed information based on scientific discovery and the latest and most relevant data, and who appeals to emotion. It is your decision to make on these subjects, and we encourage you to make an informed one. If you feel you need any information further clarified, please reach out to us directly.

Those whose views are contrary to the Culture of Life
You as well are welcome. We would respectfully request that you engage in a civil manner. If you are predisposed to hostility, I might humbly suggest you ponder what makes the view that all life is equal and sacred, from the littlest and most feeble to the most powerful, as a trigger for animosity? We hope that this will trigger additional questions and quarries. Some meek suggestions might include, if abortion is just a medical procedure, why the Pro-Abortion side is so loath that anyone should observe it, or why this same side is basically devoid of anything dealing with the field fetal development? Regardless of what those questions might be, the site is yours to explore. We sincerely hope it provides you with meaningful information.

— Andrew Thomson, President of Edmonton Prolife

Who We Are

Our Pro-Life team is a diverse and dedicated group of individuals, bound together by a shared passion for defending the sanctity of human life. A board of directors oversees resources and  event planning.  Many generous volunteers support the work of Edmonton Prolife as opportunities are available.  We believe that networking with other prolife organizations is essential to increasing our effectiveness and message of hope for protection of the precious gift of life.

"We Stand For The Protection of Life From Conception to Natural Death Through Peaceful Actions."

Our Message and History:

Established in 1981, Edmonton Prolife is a not-for profit society serving Edmonton and the greater area, guided by an unwavering belief in the sanctity of human life. We focus on educational resources and presentation events to inform and build a culture of life.  Our resources are available to individuals, groups and schools.   We work to bring awareness about supports and resources that are available to help make a life-giving decision when faced with an unplanned pregnancy and compassionate end of life care. 


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