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There are thousands of pro-life resources on the internet. This section features some of them, chosen by Edmonton prolife as particularly informative and interesting.

Are you writing a paper, making a speech, or taking part in a debate about life issues such as cloning, euthanasia, stem cell research, and abortion?

Edmonton Prolife has all the resources you need to make your project a success.

Resources: Features pro-life essays, articles, and information available on the web, on topics such as abortion, euthanasia, human development within the womb, and much, much more.

Abortion: Arguments, Canadian/American Resources, Post-Abortion Resources,
Abortifacients(Abortion Causing Drugs)

Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide and Life with Disability, Palliative Care

Stem Cell Research: Embryonic and Adult Stem Cells, Cloning

Fetal Development: Human life from conception to birth.

Edmonton Prolife's Collection: Our office has a large variety of books, videos, DVDs, and workshop materials, all of which are available for loan. See Edmonton Prolife's Collection for books, DVDs, and pamphlets that can be borrowed from Edmonton Prolife.We also have pamphlets available for distribution to the public. Give Karen at the office a call at 425-1637 or email us at info@edmontonprolife.org to make arrangements for picking up the resource you'd like to borrow.

Finding Pro-life Resources: Some Tips

It's sometimes difficult to find books on specific "niche" subjects, since community libraries can only handle a certain number of books and so will focus on ordering the books most in demand. University collections will handle more academic books, but most people don't have direct access to a university library. Furthermore, books can be very expensive to buy. What's a person to do?

That's where The Alberta Library Online comes in. If you have a library card with any of the network's member libraries: Edmonton Public Libraries, Strathcona County Libraries, UofA Libraries etc. you can order without cost books from forty-two other libraries in the province. If your local library doesn't have the book you're looking for, it's very likely one of the others does.

If you can't find the book you're looking for that way, consider asking the library to order it in for you. With the Edmonton Public Library, you can do this online.

If you want to buy a book that's out of print, the best place to look for reasonably priced copies is Abebooks.com.

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