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Pregnancy Help

When you're faced with an unexpected or difficult pregnancy, it's easy to feel isolated. Sometimes abortion feels like the only choice possible.

Thankfully, there's a local support network of people who are ready to extend concrete, practical help to women in difficult pregnancy situations.

There is also online information about pregnancy, a baby's development within the womb, and options for dealing with difficult or crisis pregnancies

24 Hour Crisis Pregnancy Line

Need to talk to someone right now?

Even if it's the middle of the night, there's a volunteer standing by at this toll-free number.

Ph: 1-800-665-0570

Online Pregnancy Information & Support

Stand Up Girl - Website & Forum

Fetal Development Information


3D/4D Ultrasound Pictures - Amazing ultrasound pictures and videos of the unborn child.  (N.B. For readers as confused as I was at first: Very few sites explain what 4-D means, so I will. It's 3D imagery in motion, that is over a period of time. The Fourth Dimension is time.)


In The Womb - National Geographic's groundbreaking documentary about life before birth. With clips from the documentary, pictures of life in the womb, and articles about the advances in understanding pre-natal life. (The full DVD can be borrowed from Edmonton Prolife.)

The Back Porch Project

 - For Parents Facing a Difficult Diagnosis

MOTHERISK - Treating the Mother, Protecting the Unborn

There are two main Walk In or Appointment pregnancy crisis centres in Edmonton, the Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre and the Pregnancy Care Centre.

They offer many of the same services, and will refer you to other services/organizations as your situation calls for.

The local pregnancy crisis centres are not medical clinics, though they can do simple pregnancy tests.

Follow the links below for details about the services they offer.

Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre

207 11125 107 Avenue NW

Ph: 780-482-5111
Fax: 780-484-7143
Email: epcc@telus.net


The Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre is an initiative of Catholic volunteers, but serves people of all faiths. Their policy is only to present religious information if you ask for it.

Pregnancy Care Centre

317, 10707 - 100 Avenue
Edmonton, ABT5J 3M1
Ph: 780-424-2624
Email: info@pregnancycarecentre.ca

The Pregnancy Care Centre is an initiative of Protestant Christian volunteers. Volunteers may share information about their Christian faith, but their services are open to people of all faiths regardless.

Other Pregnancy Crisis Centres In Alberta

Edmonton isn't the only place in Alberta with pregnancy crisis centres.This list is always being updated.  Let us know if you have a crisis pregnancy centre in your community, we will list it here.