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You have better CHOICES than Abortion


Make the choice that’s best for you—a choice everyone can live with.


People are there to help you. So take the time and explore all resources that will enable you to make the best choice for yourself. The information found on this site will tell you about many resources available to support you and meet your practical needs during and after your pregnancy.


You have SUPPORT


Many women choose abortion because of financial and emotional obstacles. The good news is that all of these obstacles can be overcome, and you have a right to know how.


Programs are available through, Schools, Social Services and Health Departments. Pregnancy resource centers, are there to help you navigate your options.


Consider your choices:


Marital Parenthood

Some couples who are unexpectedly pregnant choose to marry to provide a supportive environment for each other and their child. Those who are already married may seek support from family or community resources.

Partnered Parenthood

Some couples decide not to marry, and they work together to support each other and raise their child.

Single Parenthood

Many women choose single motherhood. Fathers—and even grandparents—may also choose to raise children when a woman feels she cannot accept the responsibility of motherhood.


Birthmothers today can choose the families in which they place their children and the extent to which they have contact. Birthmothers can arrange a closed, semi-open or open adoption, depending on their level of comfort. Adoption allows women who choose not to parent a chance to pursue their unrealized dreams as well as the dreams they have for their children.


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